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    Rack mount

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    Address:Rm. 2-20901, Tsinghua Science Park, Technology Road 65, High-tech District, Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, China, 710075


    Maximum output voltage(KV):5


    1. Shore-based power supply, marine power supply, marine power supply
    2. Deep sea observation network power supply; high-voltage direct current transmission; long-distance power transmission; scientific research, etc.
    3. The full range of dry contact closure can be used for remote station alarm monitoring
    4. Fully programmable electronic test load, energy dissipation 5kW
    5. Provided electrode function
    6. Single cabinet. Backdoor provides safety interlock
    7. The inverter can be sold separately

  • Product introduction


    Wisman High Voltage Power Supply Company is a supplier of power supply equipment for the telecommunications industry, power supply for coastline observation network, remote power supply for submarine cables of seabed observation network, shore-based power supply, marine power supply, marine power supply, and marine remote power supply supplier. A new generation of high-voltage power supply equipment (PFEA) has been developed. The new PFEA addresses the emerging requirements of short-distance submarine cable installations, while also addressing issues such as lower cost, smaller footprint, and easier operation.

     The inverter can be sold separately, and the order for a single power supply for ocean remote power supply is separately accepted.


    Provide (1 + 1) redundancy for the inverter

    Simplified sliding drawer for PFE open circuit, ground, test mode

    Provide redundancy for MCU. If the MCU fails, the PFE will continue to operate normally

    MCU includes a 17-inch LCD screen, keyboard, mouse ball and CPU

    Simplified key lock scheme ensures the safety of operators

    Each inverter has a display (LED) to display voltage, current and working mode

    The unique protective "trapdoor" barrier allows the converter or test load to be safely replaced while the PFE is still supplying power to the cable


    The output voltage:

    Maximum rated continuous operation 6kV, nominal value 5kV

    Output current:

    1.2A maximum rated continuous operation, nominal value 1.0A

    Output Power:

    5kW for 1+1 redundancy

    Input voltage:

    -40.5 VDC to -60 VDC


    Provide full-featured programming, monitoring, alarm, diagnosis and ramp functions through the MCU module.


    Fully local and remote monitoring via Ethernet connection

    Current ripple: Maximum output peak is 10mA peak

    Voltage ripple: Maximum output peak value is 0.2%

    Current stability:

    After 4 hours of preheating, 0.1% (constant load)

    Operating temperature:

    5 to 40°C operation

    Storage temperature:

    -40 to +85°C storage


    5% to 85%, no condensation

    cool down: Forced air

    Dimensions:  86.68"H x 23.64"W x 23.64"D (2200mm x 600mm x 600mm)


    900 lbs (335.9 kg)

    Regulatory approval:

    Comply with EEC EMC Directive. Conforms to the EEC Low Voltage Directive.

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    Note: All specifications are subject to change without notice.


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