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Luminaires LED operated for street lighting have a distinctive design and operate from all kinds of lighting sources.
The cantilever attachment allows the flow of light to be directed downwards, which makes the device sufficiently effective in lighting streets, highways, railway platforms. LED lamps of small sizes are used in the garden, front garden, in the courtyard of private houses.

We offer to your attention a diverse range of LED street lamps of various types.
The street lamp withstands the operating temperature drop from -45 to +svetilniki svetilniki svetodiodnye ?? stolby 50 W IP65 ° C. High protection of the reliable housing against excess moisture and road dust, low power consumption make these street lighting devices convenient and extremely profitable for the consumer.
A good model for example is a compact luminaire made of a gray-black body of SKU-20 with a diameter of 60 mm

Call us on the hotline or send a letter to our e-mail and you will quickly and easily own the LED street lights.
We are one of the first who started to introduce modern energy-efficient technologies based on light-emitting diodes in Russia since 2002, when they were less bright and durable than now. In cities and megacities, in cottage and out-of-town settlements and wherever there are streets, the most modern LED
Lighting reliable lamps and lanterns. Instead of outdated housing and communal services, CGS and other old lamps with sodium lamps - we manufacture and sell street LED lights for streets and roads, which can illuminate any type of roads by SNIP and GOST.
We are known for our own developments and patent portfolio of street lighting fixtures that can meet the requirements of state and municipal customers. Being a manufacturer, having a large warehouse, most of the products come from the presence and storage of residues.
Our products help reduce dark and dangerous places in cities and yards, increase the safety of road traffic and preserve the life and health of citizens and pedestrians. For today it is possible to assert with confidence that traditional technologies are no longer effective in comparison with technical capabilities and reviews of LEDs.
Thanks to the effect of scale, our factory offers inexpensive prices, which can be obtained by requesting a price list for lighting products from consultants of the company. It shows all popular models from 10 to 1000 W, with a brightness of up to 100,000 lumens.
City authorities and managers of commercial enterprises always monitor energy consumption and power consumption at their facilities, trying to optimize and minimize them. The street LED light can be immediately installed on poles and lighting poles, both metal and wooden, without changing the electrical circuits, forgetting for a long time about repair and maintenance of road lighting.
What is important in 2016 when choosing a street LED lamp?
Make sure that your supplier is financially trustworthy, pays taxes, provides all tax documents, all products are certified and there are passports of waste approved by Rosprirodnadzor. Plant Svetotezerv is the leader in the market of lighting equipment, participates in numerous ratings, exhibitions for 10 years, and our production has gratitude and positive feedback from customers and customers.
Background - according to statistics, up to 50% of electricity costs in Russia are for road and street lighting, since highways, streets, gas stations, yards and city parks require powerful lighting equipment. Sodium and mercury gas-discharge lamps, whose power reaches up to 1000 watts, can no longer meet all the needs of the modern market, so they are replaced by LED street lights, which allow using three times less electricity and providing a comfortable light spectrum for the eyes for long and long years It is not surprising - the streets require powerful lanterns, in which, as a rule, gas discharge lamps with a power of 150 to 1000 W are used. More effective sodium lamps of DNAT give a light spectrum that is not very comfortable for the eyes, distorting perception, which calls into question, for example, the advisability of using them for road lighting.
Therefore, street LED lights are the future of street lighting, allowing to reduce energy consumption by 2.5-3 times and increasing the comfort of staying in the zone of their use in the dark time both for drivers and pedestrians.
Other advantages of outdoor LED lights and spotlights:
LED street lighting fixtures can also reduce peak loads on the mains at the moment of switching on, since unlike traditional gas-discharge lamps, they do not experience a power surge at this moment.
It is equally effective to use for LED lighting a LED flashlight.
We offer LED Street Light on the official website of our company. "Svetorezerv" is the Russian leader in the sphere of production of high-quality lighting equipment. We have our own factories in Moscow, Zelenograd, Ryazan and other cities.

To order LED street lighting fixtures on our portal means to make a choice in favor of reliable, safe and durable products in bulk from the manufacturer.

A reliable source of safe light
If you are in search of ideal lighting for a road, a private house, a construction site, a house entrance, a park or a park, we can offer the best options! LED street lights are high-quality LED appliances and refer to an improved series of street-type lighting. They can be installed on poles and other supports - both metal and wooden.

Our professional engineers use the best technologies and latest innovations in their work. We are implementing our own proprietary developments to create the most productive and "smart" outdoor LED lights.

On our website there are many options for LED products for the street, which you can now buy wholesale by contacting the specified phone number. The most demanded are cantilever (on poles) and overhead LED lights. These models are used in different places and have differences in fastening.

Street cantilever LED lamps differ from the usual ones in that they are mounted on a special console. They are used to illuminate areas, trails, railways and other objects. Console LED street lamps provide a powerful light stream that can illuminate a large area with a small number of devices.

Overhead street lights based on light-emitting diodes are used to illuminate the front, exterior side of the building, the visors of private houses, etc. They will not only be an excellent source of light, but also an effective addition to the modern exterior. Overhead LED products are attached to the wall and can have a variety of designs, emphasizing the style of the building.

Product Benefits
The products of the company "Lighting" are durable, smart, safe and efficient. We produce exclusively high-quality outdoor LED lights, the price of which is not too high.

Street lamps of LED type have many advantages:

Economical. In comparison with conventional lanterns, these LED lamps use half the electric energy, without overloading the network. Do not require additional financial investments during installation, as they are simply installed. They can be easily attached to poles, walls or other surfaces.
Reliability. LED cantilever fixtures on the posts have a sealed construction that is resistant to environmental influences, preventing dirt, dust, water from entering the product. Such LED street lights do not lose efficiency in any climatic conditions.
Durability. LED street lights can boast an extremely long life (10-15 years). If you use LED street lights exclusively in the dark, they will function smoothly up to 25 years.
Security. LED lighting is absolutely harmless and harmless. LED lamps do not contain mercury and other dangerous substances in their composition, do not require recycling. This excludes the possibility of fires or explosions during their use.
Excellent light transmission. LED lamps on the street pillars allow you to get soft lighting without flickering and flashing.
To find out the exact cost of interesting outdoor LED lights, send us an e-mail inquiry. We will send you the price-list as soon as possible, where the actual price of the goods will be indicated.

"Lighting" - coverage of the future
There are many reasons why it is worth giving preference to our products.

The company "Svetorezerv" produces innovative LED street lighting systems for the whole country. The luminaires of our factory got the right to replace lighting in all municipal utilities of Russia, having won the tender. More than 10 years of successful work in the field of developing LED street lighting allows us to produce exceptionally high-quality products that meet international quality standards.

The company "Svetopreserv" is not just an online store, but a manufacturer with a large warehouse. We have in stock constantly a large number of products, which you can get in the shortest possible time. The company's products firmly occupy the rating positions in the Russian market of LED devices.

The scale of our activities gives us the opportunity to sell goods at low prices, with which you can get acquainted, having received a price list.

We have:

The best specialists of high class;
Quality certified products;
Impeccable reputation;
Innovative materials and unique technologies;
Guarantee for all goods.
LED street lighting is, first of all, energy saving and a long service life. We offer an excellent opportunity to order outdoor ice-products, overhead lamps on the wall and other products for optimal lighting of streets and premises both in Moscow and in any region of the country.